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Breed description

Xoloitzcuintle or the Mexican Hairless Dog is one of the most mysterious species on earth. They survived in its original form after the Millennium. Xolo is now recognized as a national breed of Mexico. It’s known for its healing properties since antiquity. The breed has always been considered a guide and a defender, protecting the house from evil spirits and intruders.

Mexican Hairless dog is one of the oldest breeds of dogs that exist today in their original form. The origins of the first Xolo went far before our era in the times of Antiquity. The skulls of these dogs found in Mexico are more than 3,300 years. Quite rightly Xoloitzcuintle can be called the first dog of America.

With people

Xoloitzcuintle adore the owner and his family. To delight, to trembling, individual individuals to squeal. It is easy to get along with children, as loyal as possible to your friends and acquaintances who have visited your home or met on a morning walk. However, despite such adoration of all those around it, watchdog skills sometimes make themselves felt and even the most loyal or friendly dog ​​can instinctively wake up and it will begin to protect you from people who seem suspicious to it. Xolo sleeps very sensitively, and on a night walk leads her ears in all directions as locators and in case of emergency she will definitely warn you with a bark of barking.

With other pets

The behavior of Mexicans is no different from the behavior of dogs of other breeds. Respect the older ones, do not offend the younger ones. And other flock commandments. And like any member of the pack, xolo can claim leadership (regardless of the opinions of other members of the pack), which should, if necessary, pay attention.

On a walk

Xolo loves walking, running, jumping, running away, catching up, spinning around and spinning in every possible way to interact with other dogs and people. The only thing Xolo does not intend to hate is aggression from other dogs towards herself or the owner, so it is better to avoid such meetings in advance.

At home

In the city, and especially in the apartment, a naked xolo feels like a fish in water. They do not fade, they do not need to be trimmed, after washing they do not smell of wool and they do not need to be dried with a hairdryer. Even after the dirtiest walk in the rain or in the spring forest, the dog is easy to wash in the shower and dries out in a couple of minutes.

In work

Since ancient times, the Aztecs used xolo to protect their homes and watchdog qualities are strong in them to this day. The dog has a keen ear, quick reaction, loud flood barking and natural suspicion of unusual phenomena. The most advantageous in the role of a guard dog is a downy variety of xolo of a standard size, which, among other things, has a complete set of teeth and dense coat.